Friday, October 14, 2011

What To Do When Your Work Threatens Your Work

This week I have fallen victim to many rookie traps of becoming too exhausted doing other things that I can't do my writing. This is a bad trend and I must overcome the losses with a lot of make-up writing. Fortunately for me, I am not attempting to write a book of high art. I want Timeless to be a popular novel so I can write a lot of content to get the story out before worrying too much about editing. Unfortunately, even this is impossible in the face of physical exhaustion led on by mental/emotional exhaustion. A lot of it comes from work, Gossiping or being involved in the nitty gritty of your workplace can drain you dry. So there is rule number one: don't worry about it. It is their deal, not yours. Remind yourself that you have greater work to worry about. That thought alone will usually pull your head out of the crazy-making trap that is like with co-workers.
Here is another trap to watch out for, especially if you get really going with your work: guilt. If you have a family, spend time with them but don't feel bad about telling it is time for bed a little earlier than usual, or no, I can't settle on the sofa and watch comedy sitcoms with you. Not right now, tell them. Promise them that later they will have your full attention, but now you are working and working in fact for the better of youur family.
Avoid unecessary actions. Those small errands, are they necessary for now? Can you delay it and combine it with other errands later? If so then do. Avoiding shopping malls and flourescent lights are two other ways to save your energy, unless you derive inspiration from them.
Have a pick me up around 6. Maybe you are lucky and eat dinner at that time but I don't. Also recharge your energy with a snack or beverage in the early evening. No amount of coffee at eleven will do as much as that six o'clock break. Trust me on this one.
Work all the time. When you used to do other things like Facebook or reading, work. Every spare moment should be filled with it so that by the time you have bigger chunks of time, you will soar instead of stumble,

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