Sunday, October 30, 2011

November Rising and Here's Chapter Six

My writing got put aside while I organized and executed the annual children's Halloween party for the school where I teach. It is amazing how exhausting such tasks can be but it is over and I am back in the saddle. I was anxious to finish Chapter Six as it contains a turning point for Ruth that not only reveals more about her as a character but pivots the plot of the book quite substantially. Since this book is to be the first in a short series, I was thinking of a subtitle that would be something like "calm before the storm" or "the eye of the hurricane". Kind of campy right now but I feel like this book is really a brief lull for these women before they have to hop into a hyperactive period of their long lives in the next book. I'll work on that subtitle later. In the meantime, I will hopefully get Chapter Seven cranked out tomorrow. Until then, I give you Chapter Six:
Timeless, A Novel- Chapter Six Rough Draft

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