Monday, October 10, 2011

Chapter One: Oh, the horrors

I felt a little shy about sharing this unedited, first draft of chapter one with you. I am actually working revisions for chapter one right now and will post a (hopefully better) draft later today.

A few comments before you head off to read what is, I admit, crap. Usually first drafts read like unfiltered sludge because that is exactly what they are. Since I am on a self-imposed deadline, I needed to get started on the story. The final version of this chapter will look nothing like this draft but that is not to say that this first draft was not important. It was extremely important, for me. It got my writing mind cleaned out and allowed the words to flow. For you as a reader, it is like looking at before and after photos. In this draft, you can see elements that will stay with the story and you can witness the power of creative editing.

Without further ado, here is Timeless-Chapter One First Draft

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