Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Casting My Characters

I found with the other book that I am working on (known around these parts as the real book) storyboarding and casting worked wonders for helping the characters come alive. So let me introduce you to the cast of Timeless.

Here is Zoe. Thin, athletic, lovely, with a tendency towards being solemn and withdrawn. She has been through a lot in her many years but is resilient.

This is Rebecca, the sultry neighbor of Ruth and the old friend of Zoe. She is vibrant and full of life and premonitions. She is a key supporting character and brings a bit of humor to the table.

Here is Ruth, the other leading lady. She is timid and in love with a man who is no longer there, even if his body is the same. Her commitment to her vows has her trapped in an abusive relationship but she has more strength than she realizes.

This is Theron, or Ron as he goes by now. His new commitment to the Evolutionists has made him a controlling husband, uninterested in his wife except as a fixture in his life that cares for him. He is suffering psychological trauma from the war still but has turned it into fervor for the Evolutionists.

This is Cyrus, the love of Zoe's life. He disappeared without a trace forty years ago and she thought he was dead.

Here is Cyrus' son, Nick. Zoe and him are briefly involved.

This is Nick's mother, Ally.

It's funny to see them all together like this.

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