Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chapter One and Two: Revised

I have been writing non-stop but I thought it was time to go back and smooth Chapter One and Two a little more. I managed to fill a rather thick notebook with my rough draft and I am not even done yet. It is a laborious process to transfer my handwritten work to the computer as I edit as I go. Yet the story is coming together quite well this way. It allows me to write all the time and to get the icky first thoughts out on paper so that I can shape them into something story-ish when the ideas move to the computer. This weekend I am a complete slave to the book though I will probably have to play sometime with the chicklets. You'll notice that Becky has been changed to Cassy in this revision. A few more changes but mainly in style. Okay, I must get some sleep tonight. See you tomorrow for the next chapters... and please feel free to leave any comments aka feedback you wish to make. Thanks!
Timeless- Chapter One and Chapter Two (Revisions)

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