Thursday, November 3, 2011

Indie Writer Role Models

So, this new indie ebook publishing world has a slew of great authors. A few of them have stood out for me (and the general public) for their success. I wish I could just say this was for the pleasure of writing, but with little ones to support and my soul feeling all dingy teaching full-time, I want to follow in their particular footsteps.

There is the young star Amanda Hocking, who brought the possibility of e-publishing to the mainstream media's attention.
Read more about it here: Authors Catch Fire with Self-Published E-Books
Hocking is young and had a lot of time on her hands and no dependents so as much as I cheer and envy her success, it is hard to compare what she has accomplished to what I can accomplish with my particular situation.
When I look for writing role models, traditionally published or otherwise, I look for mothers, particularly working mothers with multiple noses to wipe. My favorite one so far is Darcie Chan, whose best-selling novel has generated much acclaim due to the merit of her story alone. She works during the day writing environmental legislation then writes really good fiction at night after bedtime. Chan makes for an excellent role model and is an inspiration to literary fiction writers who want to support themselves.

Of course, with Timeless, I am following Hocking more, writing for a cross-genre loving audience more than for myself. Yet once I am finished with Book One and Two (and hopefully experience a portion of the success Hocking has experienced), I will be afforded the time to slow down and be more careful with my writing. I hope to strike a balance of pleasing my readers and writing stories that I would want to read. It is the dream of most indie writers, I am sure, and having at least two good role models encourages me to continue. Who are your indie writing role models? How did you choose them?

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